Admin assistant– Is it for you?

Admin assistant– Is it for you?

Being an admin assistant is a great job. Admin assistants are very important when it comes to effective operations occurring daily in companies.

If you’re in this position, you’ll be spending hours of your working day primarily doing organisation.  This takes form in many different ways such as in bookkeeping, communicating with people, secretarial services, scheduling appointments, data entry, and other things such as that.

If you have good organizational skills and have a passion for ensuring that things are done in an orderly manner, then becoming an admin assistant is something you should strongly consider for a career choice.

When you are an admin assistant, you will most definitely be spending time multitasking. Working in group, ensuring that your company runs smoothly on a daily basis, running and coordinating within groups and ensuring that these groups and the leadership are striving towards the same goal truly is essential to you. When problems arise within the office due to administrative shortcomings or miscommunication, it will become your job to sort it out.

Here are some things that will be expected of you:

  • Running and coordinating the distribution and use of office supplies
  • Ensuring that the space in which you and your fellow employees work in is both clean and conducive to stellar work
  • Dealing with problems that occur intra-corporation as well as ones that arise in an inter-corporative environment
  • Ensuring that the clerical staff do their work correctly
  • Setting meetings up that are critical for the company to move forward
  • Dealing with the distribution and receiving of any mail that arrive or need to be sent from the company in a formal manner

Alongside all these duties that will test your administrative skills you’ll be expected to deal with any phone calls that need to be taken and people. It is often believed that the role of an admin assistant is one of little importance, but this is false as without an admin assistant most companies would either cease to function or continue to function in a very ineffective manner with a very low productivity rate.

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Admin assistant– Is it for you?

Admin assistant– Is it for you?

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