Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

A training course meant to challenge you and sharpen your skills, this advanced skills course is a great tool for learning new skills and gaining practice in the skills you already have. This course is beneficial for many types of people, but it is most beneficial for those who have a profession in training, those who write material on training, facilitators, and anyone who already has a lot of the skills but simply wants to perfect them.

Purpose of the course:The purpose of this training course is extensive. You will take time to learn and understand the different learning styles you will encounter in a classroom and how to work with each learning style. It also helps to sharpen your communication skills, learn how the best ways to try and improve participation, the development and preparation of a plan, evaluation and its different levels, adding fun to a session at the appropriate times, interventions, and presentations. The course is full of useful material that can be helpful in any training session.

What is the use?So, you might be wondering what the point is of this training course. The reality is that success in a classroom setting isn’t easy, especially the wide variety of types of kids you will have. However, success is always the desired outcome. This course will help you learn and develop the skills that will aid in making your classroom a success. It’s not enough to be naturally gifted. You have to work hard to get the results you want.

Solution:This training course only last three days, so if you think it is something you might consider, I encourage you to take a look at the detailed course outline below.

  • Overview of what the course entails
  • Prepare yourself to learn: What do you hope to gain from the course
  • Understanding Learning
  • Competencies to be an Adult Educator
  • How to Accommodate Each Learning Preference
  • How to Increase and Improve Your Expertise
  • How to Use Materials that are customizable with maximum success
  • How to Manage Stress
  • How to Plan a Workshop
  • How and When to Use Visual Aids
  • How to Communicate Effectively in Your Role
  • Learning how to Ask the Right Questions for Improvement
  • Evaluation (Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels) and how to develop your own
  • Why Support on-the-job is so Important and How to Use it
  • How to effectively deal with the tough situations
  • The Different Formats used in Training
  • How to Team Teach
  • Prepare, Present, and Evaluate Presentations
  • Wrap-Up with a time for questions

What do you need to know?If you want to take this training course you should already know some basic information for training principles, such as concepts for adult learning, training methods, etc.

Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer



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