BOTi Courses Overview – Call Centre Management Training

Course Introduction

Improve customer service and sales with our Call Centre Management Training. This course introduces you to the proper management of a call centre settings, from learning about the different roles of the staff involved in the running of the centre, to establishing service goals and effective communication.  You will also be trained in terms of how to motivate employees in order to get the best out of them.

Course Outline

Key outcomes of this course include:

• How to motivate and monitor employees
• How to manage Employees
• How to manage Customers
• How to manage a team effectively
• How to communicate information to executives

Specifically, the following will be covered:

1. Contact Centre Basics
Starting a call centre
Putting together the call centre

2. Call Centre Systems
Service and computerized information
Call load and staffing

3. Personnel Encouragement and Supervising
Personnel encouragement
Communication with operators
Employee effectiveness evaluation
Employee surveillance tools

4. Employee Control
Minimize turnover
Stress management
Training course

5. Customer Management
Clients requirements
Customer relationship management

6. Managing for Superb Service
Establishing professional service levels
Accomplishing service levels
Assessing reports

7. Communicating Relevant Information to Managements
Relevant information that executives require
Communicate with heads

Who should attend

This course is suitable or those who are required to manage a call centre and wish to upgrade their skills.

Prior learning requirements


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