Cyber Security Course – Understand the risks

Cyber Security Course – Understand the risks Cyber-attacks affect us all! Recent damaging cyber-attack  emphasize the risk that cyber-crime presents (and hence a cyber security course). The attack in May 2017 for example  was a component of a world-wide malware that spread across 150 countries and made personal finances and details vulnerable. Cybersecurity (also known as computer security) threats affect all areas of any organisation – big or small. In the present day it has become imperative to protect oneself in cyberspace (and hence a cyber security course). With we...

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Anger Management Training

Conquer your anger Today! We ALL at times cannot control our temper and may become increasingly angry hence the need for a Anger Management Training Course!   In this workshop BOTI teaches the delegates what the anger cycle is and how to deal with the phases of anger in detail. For instance – what is the body’s response to anger? We explore common myths about anger i.e., the myth that anger is a bad emotion. Delegates learn that anger is instinctive and we show them the do’s and don’ts in responding to anger. We take an in-depth look at helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger....

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Keep your team happy with good supervisory management

Keep your worker-bees in check with good supervisory management People slack. That’s just a fact and the quicker you come to terms with that the easier. It is very wrong to assume that just because most things in your business are mechanized and work as absolutes that your people will learn from them and become the same. The issue with most managers within a business point of view is that they forget that the people they work with are just, well, to put it bluntly, people. People make mistakes. People have inconsistent work ethic. People lie, people steal etc. The best you can is to learn to...

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