Creating High Performing Teams through Performance Management

Creating High Performing Teams through Performance Management Your journey towards mastering leadership continues with getting to the nitty-gritty of how well you and your team are performing and whether each team member is up to scratch in delivering on their assigned tasks.  You want to know if there are any misunderstandings, incidents involving miscommunication or problems with specific team members that could create project inefficiencies.  You also want to know whether anyone is pulling more than their fair share of the weight. Essentially, you are acutely aware that any chain is only...

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Mastering Data & Records Management

Mastering Data & Records Management Keeping records, although often considered to be a tedious task, is of the utmost importance in literally keeping things on track.  It’s only when one is under pressure to find information that has not been properly updated or kept in the right place or has been misfiled in a nebulous system that the importance of keeping administrative records becomes painfully evident and really hits home in a big way.. The material covered in this course will help you to maintain systems that will enable you to control and manage all types of confidential...

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Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course: Advanced Excel Course

Master Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course TODAY! Some benefits of attending an advanced Excel Course include: Use Excel Table Feature like a Pro, Automate tasks with marvelous macros, become a Chart Wizard! Intensive and highly practical course Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course (excel courses) will show you how to make Excel work for you and your organization. The advanced excel training will give you the tools and techniques needed to design models to suit a wide range of purposes. The course is practical and focused. Each of the modules presented will include step-by step...

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