BOTi Courses Overview – Project Management Fundamentals Training

Course Introduction At the end of the course, delegates will be able to identify the characteristics and nature of a project; the stages of the project management process – including how to complete a project charter, define the project scope, understand and develop work breakdown structures. In addition, components of time management will be explored which will enable efficient schedule development. A number of mathematical techniques will be acquired and these will assist with competency in budget, schedule and risk analysis. The responsibilities of a project manager will include...

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BOTi Courses Overview – Time Management Skills Training

Course Introduction Time Managing Skills Training will provide you with the skills you need to analyse and manage your time at a business as well as a personal level. You will learn to choose and implement the most appropriate solutions to suit your position and work-style and meet deadlines in your professional and personal life. The Challenge Time Management skills are essential business skills as demonstrated by: The fact that time is limited Learning more about how you can manage your time will help you achieve your goals Good time management skills help to reduce stress Higher quality...

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Creating High Performing Teams through Performance Management

Creating High Performing Teams through Performance Management Your journey towards mastering leadership continues with getting to the nitty-gritty of how well you and your team are performing and whether each team member is up to scratch in delivering on their assigned tasks.  You want to know if there are any misunderstandings, incidents involving miscommunication or problems with specific team members that could create project inefficiencies.  You also want to know whether anyone is pulling more than their fair share of the weight. Essentially, you are acutely aware that any chain is only...

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