Admin assistant– Is it for you?

Admin assistant– Is it for you? Being an admin assistant is a great job. Admin assistants are very important when it comes to effective operations occurring daily in companies. If you’re in this position, you’ll be spending hours of your working day primarily doing organisation.  This takes form in many different ways such as in bookkeeping, communicating with people, secretarial services, scheduling appointments, data entry, and other things such as that. If you have good organizational skills and have a passion for ensuring that things are done in an orderly manner, then becoming an admin...

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Learning to be assertive will assist you greatly in the world

Learning to be assertive will assist you greatly in the world   Being assertive means that you establish what you want and feel in a way that isn’t too passive or too aggressive. Passive means you do it in an indirect manner while aggressive means you do it in a too direct, damaging manner.  Assertiveness skills are very important skills to have in the world. When we speak to those around us we either take a stance that is very aggressive or very passive. This is wrong.  We must rather have good assertive skills. This means we are neither too much of one nor too little of the other, but we...

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advanced training course in Excel

Succeed with the  advanced training course in Excel  Excel is essentially an electronic spreadsheet program. This means that it is software that is used for storing data, interpreting this data and then manipulating this data on a computer. It originates from basic paper tables that were used in bookkeeping long before the invention of digital data and computers. Therefore, one can easily see the resemblance of the simple tables system in the form of rows and columns in this program. Data that has is linked with one another are displayed in tables – which is defined as many small...

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