Communicating Across Cultures Training Course


Communicating Across Cultures Training Course

If you’re in a business that needs to communicate with other cultures, taking a course that teaches you the best ways to effectively communicate with other cultures would be very beneficial for you and your colleagues.

Purpose of Communicating Across Cultures Training Course

 This course is about communication. And communication is not just about what words we use. It can also mean body language, business customs, a specific countries every day customs. If you want to stay on good terms with the people in the countries you’re doing business with, it is a good idea to be familiar with how to communicate effectively and with respect.

You might think learning better cross culture communication skills is a waste of time and money, but if you value success, it will be very beneficial to your company. Nowadays, if you wish to succeed you have to be thinking globally, but if you are unable to communicate effectively with the global community you will not succeed. Thus, taking the time to learn how to handle global situations and business deals will greatly benefit you.

Solution: Communicating Across Cultures Training Course:The course will have a duration of one day and it will cover a variety of topics that are detailed below.

  • It will outline what culture is and the principles and ideas that culture is based on such as, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • How is business impacted by the idea of culture?
  • How Beliefs, Practices, and Values impact culture.
  • It will also outline what communicating non-verbally consists of such as, touch, gestures, space, etc. This differs within every culture.
  • It will also cover the more traditional form of communication: oral communication. This covers things like compliments, silence, exaggeration, and understatement.
  • Communicating can also mean writing. If you need to communicate by writing to your international business associates, you need to learn and be aware of the differences there are among every culture. There are different levels of formality when it comes to writing to international people.
  • How do you keep your documents free of any bias?
  • It will end the session with some exercises, a sure way to solidify what you have learned.

What do you need to know?Unlike like most courses, Communicating Across Cultures Training Course doesn’t have any prerequisites to fulfill. However, you might benefit from a courses about managing conflict and learning negotiating skills.

Communicating Across Cultures Training Course is beneficial if you think you might need to communicate in a business way with international business men and women. We would encourage everyone in your company to take advantage of what one can learn in this course.

Communicating Across Cultures Training Course

Communicating Across Cultures Training Course

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