Assertiveness Skills Training Course Course



Assertiveness Skills Training Course Course: Introduction

Luckily, this is a skill that you can fake until the skill is real. We explore assertiveness and how to be assertive without sounding angry or arrogant. Self-confidence plays a large part in coming across as confident and assertive. Our workshop gives participants the tools to change their lives positively.

Assertiveness Skills Training Course Course :Course Outline

1. Introduction
Three basic behaviour styles
Behaviour can change

2. Successful change in behaviour
The five P’s of successful change
The right road map
Self-fulfilling prophecies
Positive Mental Imagery
Programming yourself for success

3. Emotions
Win-win relationships
Talking about emotions

4. Changing behaviour
Choose assertive words carefully
Body-language signals
Stop signs and green lights

5. Broadening your scope of assertiveness
Four assertive styles
Sending assertive messages
Identifying styles to aid communication

6. Power steps
Steps to assertive communication
Repeat the question
Command, don’t ask
Add emotion
Introduce consequences

7. Assertive confrontation
Defining the problem
Five tools for successful confrontation
Active listening
Goals for the present and the future
Credit for success

8. Assertiveness training
Topics not discussed
Related topics
Workshop objectives

9. Self confidence

10. Obstacles
Negative thinking
Personal application
Case study

11. Communication skills
Listen and understand
Ask questions
Case study

12. Goal setting
Why goals are important
Case study

13. Being comfortable
Create positive self-talk
Strengths and weaknesses

14. Looking the part
The importance of appearance
Body language
First impressions

15. Sounding the part
How you say things
Sounding confident
“I” Messages

16. Powerful presentations
Address issues immediately
Use STAR to solve issues

17. Coping techniques
Building a rapport

18. Dealing with difficult behaviour
Difficult situations
Key tactics

19. Topics not discussed
Lessons learned
Post workshop overview
Completion of action plans
Post workshop evaluation

Assertiveness Skills Training Course Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Assertiveness Skills Training Course Course

This is a general employee course, also for managers.

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