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BOTi Essential Course - Conflict management and resolution skills training

Quick Look Course Summery: BOTi Essential Course - Conflict management and resolution skills training
  • Next Public Course Date: 06/09/2019

  • Length:1 day

  • Price: 1 Person R ex vat3 Person R 0 ex vat10 Person R 0 ex vat

  • Certification Type: Certificate of Attendence

  • Locations & Venues: Call Centre Training Courses are held in JHB, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth

BOTI offers organizational management training, business leadership training and management classes.  Book your seat now on BOTI's Organizational Ethics and Conduct Training course.  BOTI offers business training programmes across South Africa.

Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills Training: Course Introduction

You simply can't avoid it, if you're not living in a cave, at some point you'll need to manage someone's else's emotional state. Conflict management and resolution skills should be every working professional's goal to master. This is our signature course and will prepare all attendees to management level by preparing and arming them with a variety of resolution styles and approaches

Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills Training: Course Outline

The Conflict Management Training (or  Conflict Management Courses, Conflict Resolution Training, Conflict Management Workshop, Dispute Resolution Training, Conflict Business, Conflict Solutions) outline is as follows:

1. Defining Conflict What is conflict Positives and Negatives 2. Types of conflict 3. Open versus Hidden Conflict 4. Spontaneous and Reflective Action 5. Johari Windows The Johari Window My Window Case Study 6. Stages of Conflict The Five Stages of Conflict The Conflict Process Conflict Outcomes Strategies for Dealing with Conflict 7. Winning versus Negotiated Agreement 8. Conflict Resolution Style Questionnaire Scoring Interpretation Pro’s and Con’s 9. Communication in Conflict Resolution The Communication Funnel Other Obstacles 10. Active Listening 11. Paraphrasing Definition 12. Questions for Resolving Conflict 13. Body Language 14. Seven steps to Conflict Resolution 15. The Conflict/Opportunity Test Skills test 16. Facilitating Conflict Facilitation Overview Venting Emotions Resolving the Issue Practical Application 17. Setting Norms 18. Interventions Definition Different Scenarios Personal Action Plan

Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills Training: Course Duration

1 day/s

Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills Training Course: Who should attend

This course is intended for those who regularly handle situations that require good negotiatioin skills.

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