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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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Customer Service Course: Introduction

Customer service is the most critical component of every business. Treat your customers well and you will retain them, don’t and you’ll feel the effects in your pocket.

Customer Service Course :Course Outline

At the end of this workshop, you will know what customer service means in relation to all your customers, both internal and external. You will be able to recognise how your attitude affects customer service. You will be able to identify and address your customer’s needs. You will be able to generate return business. You will be able to provide customer service in-person, on the telephone and online. And last but not least we will give you a bag of tips and tricks to help you deal with difficult customers. Great customer service means different things to different people, however, there is a consensus that great customer service begins with a great attitude. Two things that will add greatly to your positive attitude are a neat appearance and a friendly face. Courtesy counts for an increasing amount in customer transactions. Next we will focus on identifying and addressing the customer’s needs and what it means to be ‘going the extra mile’ in customer service. The customer’s basic needs are met with friendliness, understanding and empathy, fairness and information. As the tip of the day we’ve included what going the extra mile is. TIP: What can you do to show the customer that you are providing the best service possible? Try these tips where applicable. -Remember the customer’s name and use in your conversation with the customer. -Remember what someone has purchased. -If you have frequent customers, take the time to learn their likes and dislikes, and when appropriate mention them. The customer will be much happier knowing their service is so comprehensive. -If you work in tele-sales, contact your customers regularly. -Put your customer’s needs high on your priority list. -Inform customers of special deals and sales. -Follow up when you say you will. -Be organized and thorough. -Return customer calls promptly. -Show the customer that you want to fulfil their needs. It costs less in any business to retain an existing client, than it does to attract new customers. Therefore retaining clients is very important in customer service. After sale service has become more important than ever and clients who receive excellent service from will be your company’s biggest advertisement. On this note we look at the customer’s bill of rights and how complaints are addressed. From there we move on to dealing with difficult customers and telephone etiquette as well as electronic customer service and netiquette. We also deal with how to handle vulgarity and insults and threats – after all, you are human too. We end off our workshop by coming together and brainstorming out top ten actions that will wow customers every time. We help our participants make a list that is relevant and specific to their company and industry. 1. Introduction
Workshop objectives
Pre workshop review

2. Definition
Customer service
Customer service providers
Case study

3. Establish your attitude
Appearance counts
Power of a smile
Staying energised
Staying positive
Case study

4. Identifying customer needs
Understand the customer’s situation
Staying outside the box
Meeting basic needs
Going the extra mile
Case study

5. Generating return business
Following up
Addressing complaints
Turning difficult customers around
Case study

6. In person service
At the desk requests
Advantages and disadvantages
Using body language to your advantage
Case study

7. Over the phone
Advantages and disadvantages
Telephone etiquette
Tips and tricks
Case study

8. Electronic customer service
Advantages and disadvantages
Tips and tricks
Eliminate electronic ping pong
Case study

9. Recovering difficult customers
De-Escalating anger
Establish common ground
Setting limits
Managing own emotions
Case study

10. Understanding when to escalate
Dealing with vulgarity
Coping with insults
Legal and physical threats
Case study

11. WOW customers
Ten tips
Case study

12. Topics not discussed
Post Workshop overview

Customer Service Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Customer Service Course

This course is intended for persons working in sales and marketing.

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