Effective Sales Training Course Course



Effective Sales Training Course Course: Introduction

Our combined beginner’s, advanced and tele-sales workshop, gives participants the skills they need to become effective salespersons.

Effective Sales Training Course Course :Course Outline

1. Sales Fundamentals
The Sales Process
Elements of Selling
Understanding Sales Terms

2. Professional Image
Developing your professional image
Self – Management

3. Handling Clients
Finding customers
Connecting with customers
Finding Sales Solutions

4. The Sales Presentation
Anticipating objections
Creating a sales presentation
Responding to objections

1. Gaining Customer Commitment
Building Relationships
Demonstrating the need
Satisfying the need

2. Studying the market
Sales Strategies
Analysing markets and Competitors
Researching clients

3. Develop a Winning Strategy
Consulting with clients
Developing solutions

4. Effectively closing a sale
Demonstrating the benefits
Confirming commitment
Closing the sale and following up

Effective Sales Training Course Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Effective Sales Training Course Course

This course is intended for advanced sales persons.

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