Email Etiquette Course



Email Etiquette Course: Introduction

Everybody uses E-Mail but very few people give thought to how to make their emails look and sound professional. We offer a course on E-Mail etiquette which will give participants skills to write professional emails for the business environment.

Email Etiquette Course :Course Outline

1. E-mail recipients
Considering the factors that determine e-mail writing
Anticipating recipient reaction

2. Message Management
Managing your e-mail effectively

F: Netiquette guideline
1. Netiquette style
Using proper tone
Following formatting guidelines

2. Emoticons and abbreviations
Using emoticons and electronic abbreviations

G: Composing online correspondence
1. Online communication
Achieving the objective of the message

2. Language and punctuation
Improving online writing style
Using punctuation correctly

3. Efficient writing habits

Email Etiquette Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Email Etiquette Course

This is a general employee course, also for managers.

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