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Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Course

Quick Look Course Summery: Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Course
  • Next Public Course Date: 04/09/2019

  • Length:1 day

  • Price: 1 Person R ex vat3 Person R 0 ex vat10 Person R 0 ex vat

  • Certification Type: Certificate of Attendence

  • Locations & Venues: Call Centre Training Courses are held in JHB, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Course: Introduction

A critical component of Microsoft Excel are the chart and table graphics which can be applied to worksheets and workbooks to make the presentation of data easier to understand and more visually appealing and professional. The Business Optimisation Training Institute presents a workshop solely focused on Excel Pivot Tables. This is an essential workshop for anyone using Excel or any other spreadsheet program. We invite participants to this one day workshop at the end of which participants will receive a certificate of attendance. All materials required by students will be provided.

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Course :Course Outline

1. Making data work more efficiently Maximising the options of the Pivot Table Questions that need answering. 2. A Short Tour Contents of the Pivot table. Define what you need to know Different views of data. Layout of the Pivot Table Pivot table results. Set to go The importance of the source. 3. Adjusting the Pivot table Adding a new field Formatting numbers Rearranging the layout Refresh Removing a field Renaming fields Results Sorting, and re-arranging Auto show 4. A comprehensive lesson Creating a quarterly Group Displaying subtotals Formatting a report. Formatting a slicer. Grouping data manually Hide or display totals Using a slicer. 5. Intermediate and advanced options Create customised calculations. Create a Second Data Field. Displaying Numerical Data as a Percentage Functions in Custom Calculation Summarising Data 6. Advanced Pivot Table Calculations Creating a Calculated Field. Creating a Calculated Item Using Formulas Using the Get Pivot Table function Using Pivot Table Data outside the report. Turn off the Get Pivot Data function 7. Other advanced topics Create a Pivot Chart Report. Publishing Pivot Table Reports to the Web Using multiple ranges as Source Data

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Course

This course is intended for anyone who already has a working knowledge of Excel and would like to broaden their knowledge regarding Pivot Tables. **Quote does not include Any Exam Fees (if applicable) IMPORTANT ACTION: Do Not Wait To Improve Your Skills.   Book Now By Completing Online Booking Form / Customised Proposal or Obtain Approval For Your Already Received Customised Proposal

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