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Microsoft Windows 7 Beginners Course

Quick Look Course Summery: Microsoft Windows 7 Beginners Course
  • Next Public Course Date: 06/09/2019

  • Length:1 day

  • Price: 1 Person R ex vat3 Person R 0 ex vat10 Person R 0 ex vat

  • Certification Type: Certificate of Attendence

  • Locations & Venues: Call Centre Training Courses are held in JHB, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth

Microsoft Windows 7 Beginners Course: Introduction

This course is intended for school leavers who wish to add qualifications to their resumes. It is a beginner's course in Windows and is suitable for persons with no prior knowledge of Windows or computers. This is a practical course and participants will practice what they learn on computers. All materials needed for the course will be provided by the Institute. At the end of the course, participants will understand how to navigate in Windows, understand what files and folders are and where they are kept, they will be able to customise the background and desktop and will understand Internet basics.

Microsoft Windows 7 Beginners Course :Course Outline

1. Introduction To Windows 7 for Beginners Logging In Exploring the Desktop Introducing the Start Menu Using the Taskbar Creating a Desktop Shortcut 2. Navigate Windows and Folders Sizing, moving and arranging windows Hiding and Displaying Windows Finding your way around your computer Finding Specific Information Windows Search Understanding Files, Folders 3. Manage Folders and Files Creating and Renaming Folders Moving and Copying Folders Saving a Document into a Folder Deleting and Restoring Files and Folders Viewing Files and Folders in different ways 4. Customisation Changing the Desktop Background Creating Shortcuts Items Pinned to the Start Menu Items Pinned to the Taskbar Favourites Group Gadgets and Accessories 5. Internet Explorer 8 Introduction to the Internet Browsing the Internet

Microsoft Windows 7 Beginners Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Microsoft Windows 7 Beginners Course

This course is intended for novice computer users. **Quote does not include Any Exam Fees (if applicable) IMPORTANT ACTION: Do Not Wait To Improve Your Skills.   Book Now By Completing Online Booking Form / Customised Proposal or Obtain Approval For Your Already Received Customised Proposal

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