Motivate Your Team For Success Course



Motivate Your Team For Success Course: Introduction

Before you can motivate your team, you need to know what motivates people. In this workshop we teach participants to recognise motivation in employees and meeting their motivational needs. We will teach participants the value of retaining motivated employees and how to further motivate employees through recognition and feed-back. We will also teach participants how to encourage self-motivation.

Motivate Your Team For Success Course :Course Outline

1. Understanding Motivation
Recognising the Importance of Motivation
Assessing Employee Motivational Levels
Meeting Employees’ Motivational Needs

2. Motivating Employees
Retaining Employees
Communicating Effectively
Clarifying Expectations
Providing Effective Feedback
Establishing Goals
Choosing Rewards

3. Encouraging Self Motivation in Employees
Encouraging Self Motivation
Creating a Bond with the Organization
Providing Professional Growth Opportunities
Building a Sense of Accomplishment
Encouraging Enthusiasm

Motivate Your Team For Success Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Motivate Your Team For Success Course

This course is intended for managers who lead teams.

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