Professional Business Writing Course



Professional Business Writing Course: Introduction

Many people struggle with formal writing as the business world requires. This course will give participants an added advantage when it comes to business writing because we intend to give you a toolbox full of skills. The first of which is grammar, punctuation and proper paragraph writing. The structure of formal documents is also different from casual use. We include a module on proposals and how to make them visually appealing and professional.

Professional Business Writing Course :Course Outline

1. Writing Skills
Basic writing skills
Effective sentences and paragraphs

2. Writing Specific Messages
Business letters and reports
Writing opinionated messages

3. Understanding Proposals
Client-focused proposals

4. Letter Proposals
Writing a letter proposal
Visually appealing proposals

5. Formal Proposals
Structuring formal proposals
Visual elements and editing

Professional Business Writing Course: Course Duration

2 day/s

Who should attend: Professional Business Writing Course

This course is intended for individuals, employees and managers.

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