Time Management Course



Time Management Course: Introduction

Goal setting and planning are critical to time management. This course will teach participants how to manage their time effectively and in relation to time. It will also teach participants to make maximum use of their time. Course objectives will be to make time management plans, to be efficient and productive, to understand goal setting, planning and the use of technology.

Time Management Course :Course Outline

1. Time Management
Principles of time management
Productivity cycles
Goals and priorities

2. Time Management Plans
Time management plan
Daily plan

3. Technology and Time Management
Technology saves time
Saying No

4. Productivity
Interruptions and meetings
Factors affecting productivity

5. Information overload
Causes of information overload
Organise your office

Time Management Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Time Management Course

This is a self enrichment course intended for anyone who would like to manage time more effeciently.

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