Developing New Managers Training Course

Introduction: Developing New Managers Training Course


 Developing New Managers Training Course

Developing New Managers Training Course


Recommended Prior Experience and Knowledge: Developing New Managers Training Course

This course will assist delegates in understanding: Developing New Managers

For the Developing New Managers Training Course it is advisable that you have the following experience/knowledge:
None, course conducted in English


Outline: Developing New Managers Training Course

Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa

Key outcomes of the course include:
“Children have an innate creative Skill when they are born, but for some reason adults can lose it along the way. Your delegates will move out of the mundane, be much more curious, engage, as well as explore brand new ideas. understand creativity as well as be ready when it happens.

With the help of our Developing Creativity program your delegates will be taught how to Eliminate barriers that block or limit their particular creativity. They will improve their particular imagination, divergent thinking, as well as mental flexibility. delegates will be taught mind mapping, individual brainstorming, as well as when to understand as well as look for Exactly What inspires them to be much more creative.

BOTI’s Program Outline

Component 1: Starting Out
• Housekeeping matters and administration
• The Parking Area
• program Objectives
• activity Plans as well as Evaluations

Component 2: Exactly What is Creativity?
• Divergent Thinking
• Solving Problems
• Imagination as well as Inspiration
• Something Out of Nothing
• Training Example
• Component 2: Assessment Queries

Component 3: Getting Inspired
• Introspection
• Read More
• Removing the Mental Block
• Art Inspires Art
• Training Example
• Component 3: Assessment Queries

Component 4: Beating Procrastination
• Get Rid Of Clutter
• Self-Imposed Limitations
• Build on Small achievements
• Do Not Start at the Beginning
• Training Example
• Component 4: Assessment Queries

Component 5: Enhancing Your Creative Mind Set (I)
• Open Mind
• Do Not Judge
• Positive Mind Set
• Ask Why?
• Training Example
• Component 5: Assessment Queries

Component 6: Enhancing Your Creative Mind Set (II)
• Keep a Journal
• Make Associations
• Creative Confidence
• Question Assumptions
• Training Example
• Component 6: Assessment Queries

Component 7: Curiosity
• Spark Your Curiosity
• Curiosity is the Engine of Creativity
• Engage
• Ask Open Ended Queries
• Training Example
• Component 7: Assessment Queries

Component 8: Take Risks
• Fake It ‘til You Make It
• Scared to Fail?
• Be Confident
• Afraid To Be Judged
• Training Example
• Component 8: Assessment Queries

Component 9: Think Like a Child
• Daydream
• Be Curious
• Play Games
• Experiment
• Training Example
• Component 9: Assessment Queries

Component 10: Environmental Factors
• Work Area
• further Environments
• Get Enough Sleep
• Variables
• Training Example
• Component 10: Assessment Queries

Component 11: Individual Brainstorming
• Produce A Lot of Ideas
• Mind Mapping
• Visualization
• Organize as well as Bring the Ideas Together
• Training Example
Concluding• Component 11: Assessment Queries

Component 12: Concluding
• Wise Men’s words
• Assessment of Parking Area
• Key Learnings
• Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans



Course duration and fees: Developing New Managers Training Course

Our one day training course is designed so that the knowledge acquired is applied practically, so that the business environment can be enhanced.

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