Enrol in a bookkeeper course

Enrol in  a bookkeeper course


Bookkeeping is a very important part of all major organizations. A good bookkeeper is someone very valuable to a company and therefore you should strongly consider becoming one in order to make yourself more employable or for you to do your job even better than you have been doing so up until now. Let’s start off by trying to define this term to see the value of a bookkeeper course:


The actual word “bookkeeping” has many different definitions based off who you ask:

  • Contrary to popular belief, being a bookkeeper is not always the same as being an accountant. People assume that it is in fact a bookkeeper’s job to prepare the company’s financial statement at the end of the term, but that is in fact false. Due to this fallacy, accountants don’t believe that bookkeeping and accountancy are the same thing.
  • There are also people who see bookkeeping as a term which means that you simply record daily finances into a book and file it in a ledger. They argue that after that the accountant with the degree who does the “real work” then steps in. They believe that the accountant then takes these raw numbers and manipulates them into the financial statement.
  • However, due to the tech boom, these two practices as mentioned above aren’t very easily to see as two distinct processes anymore. For example, someone who doesn’t really have any training  can use special software to prepare invoices or record sales  and then the software will do all the other work such as filing and organizing it simply and then preparing a flawless financial statement which was previously seen as an accountants job after the bookkeeper gave him the raw data.
  • In certain larger companies, bookkeeping isn’t a common practice and sometimes might not even exist. These companies sometimes have an entire department full of accountants who are then able to process things such as the amount payable and the amount receivable.  The accounting clerk in these companies is then often supervised by a more educated person, i.e. an accountant.


No matter what your definition of bookkeeping is, however, it is a skill that is undoubtedly valuable in companies, especially in smaller or mid-sized ones where hiring and entire department is unfeasible and therefore adding more worth to your work as one who is able to do the job that an entire department would do in a larger company – so essentially, join a bookkeeper course!

Thanks to websites such as www.boti.co.za anyone can easily access a bookkeeper course. They offer magnificently “easy” and understandable courses. They function from Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. Do yourself a huge favour and visit https://boti.co.za/basic-bookkeeping-training-course/ in order to book yourself a seat in a course. It’s affordable and you can assist your company through a bookkeeper course.

bookkeeper course

bookkeeper course

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