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Solving Problems with Writing Excel Macros with VBA Course, Johannesburg

October 31 @ 8:30 am - November 2 @ 5:00 pm SAST

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Solving Problems with Writing Excel Macros And Visual Basic Course (VBA) Course

Become an Excel Super Hero and Solve Business’ Problems!

The first day of this workshop is dedicated to problem solving. This workshop will give participants a good general overview of the creative problem solving process. We teach participants tools such as brainstorming, information gathering, identifying solutions after considering options. This module forms the basis for the next part of the workshop – i.e. Using Excel and VBA proficiently to solve business problems.

Excel has the ability to make your business more efficient and competitive- however you need to be able to harness its full capability by learning to write macros and VBA. This will allow you to become more efficient and automate repetitive tasks.

This Advanced course is not to be missed by participants who need to understand Excel Macros, VBA and programming. This is an excellent starter course in Visual Basic and programming for participants who work in Information Technology and want to learn programming. This is also for the new businessman who are setting up a domain or website and indeed anyone (managers, supervisors etc.) who wishes to automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiencies.

Benefits to attending: Writing Excel Macros with VBA Course

  • Learn structured problem solving techniques.
  • Find out the best ways to automate tasks in Excel.
  • Comprehend the difference between macro recording and VBA and when to use which option.
  • Understand ways to do easy VBA programs.
  • Significantly enhance effectiveness in the workplace by using  Excel.
  • Create consistency in processes.
  • Constantly and accurately perform routine tasks.
  • Speed up processes – Excel can do the job much faster than you can do it by hand.
  • Be able to do things in Excel that are otherwise difficult/ impossible- which can make you hero in the workplace.

Writing Excel Macros with VBA Course :Course Outline

Day 1 : Creative Problem Solving Course

  • Problem Solving Methodology.
  • Information gathering.
  • Problem definition.
  • Preparing for brainstorming.
  • Generating solutions- Brainstorming basics; Duncker Diagrams; Mind Mapping; The 6 Thinking Hats.
  • Analyzing  & selecting a solution.
  • Planning your next steps.

Day 2 – 3:Writing Excel Macros with VBA Course

  • An introduction to excel macros with VBA.
  • Visual Basic Editor .
  • Constants, data types and variables.
  • Subroutines and functions.
  • Built-in functions and statements.
  • Control statements.
  • Object models.
  • Excel applications.
  • Excel events.
  • Custom menus and toolbars.
  • Built-in dialog boxes.
  • The show method.
  • Custom dialog boxes.
  • The excel object model.
  • The application object.
  • The workbook object & worksheet object.
  • The range object.
  • Pivot tables.
  • The chart object.
  • Smart tags.

Writing Excel Macros with VBA Course: Course Duration

3 day/s

Who should attend: Writing Excel Macros with VBA Course

This course is intended for anyone who already has a working knowledge of Excel and would like to broaden their knowledge regarding macros / VBA including:

  • Finance personnel and supervisors.
  • Information administrators, experts and managers.
  • Project managers.
  • Engineers & Analysts.
  • Anybody working extensively with Microsoft Excel.

Public Schedule – Please Download Brochure and Booking Form

  • Johannesburg: 9-11 May 2018
  • Johannesburg: 27-29 Jun 2018
  • Johannesburg: 20-22 Aug 2018
  • Johannesburg: 31 Oct-2 Nov 2018
  • Cape Town: 19-21 Feb 2018
  • Cape Town: 20-22 Jun 2018
  • Cape Town: 26-28 Nov 2018
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