BOTi Courses Overview – Microsoft Office Word Intermediate Training

Course Introduction

Microsoft Office Word Intermediate course goes beyond the basics of word processing. This course will enhance your Microsoft Office Word documents with advanced components such as, charts, tables, customized formats and graphics. You will be able to create your own Microsoft Word efficiency tools to produce effective and attractive documents using less time and effort.

Course Outline

Key outcomes of the course include:

Module 1: Creating Diagrams
Creating and positioning a diagram
Including using the text pane; demoting and promoting shapes in a diagram; manipulating and changing diagram layout, colours and shapes; Use picture diagrams to show photographs

Module 2: other Visual Element Usage
Including adding graphic and text watermarks; insert a screen clipping; equation building and saving it to the gallery

Module 3 : Insert and Modify Charts
Including inserting t a chart into a document; Plot Excel data in a chart; formatting a chart

Module 4: Arrange and Organize Content
Inlcuding adjusting document outline in order to reorganize information; Insert and format nested tables

Module 5: Document creation for Use outside Word
Create blog posts; Saving files in different formats; modifying and creating web documents

Course duration

2 days

Who should attend

This course is designed for those individuals who need to know how to use Microsoft Word to create or modify complex business documents and Word efficiency tools.

Prior learning requirements

For the Microsoft Office Word Intermediate Training Course it is advisable that you have the following experience/knowledge:

  • Beginners or equivalent knowledge of Microsoft Word

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