PC Training

PC Training

Introduction: PC Training

Computer literately via pc training is a essential? Almost all devices these days have some or other computer chip embedded in them.


Pros of learning about computers (PC training)

The pros of having some kind of PC train are too many too mention. Below we give a few examples of some:

  • Without PC training your CV is incomplete. All companies these days use PC. A job-seeker who has basic PC training is relevant and up-to-date with technology which is essential in today’s modern world.  A job interview/job vacancy will be very difficult if you don’t have basic pc training. BOTI offer basic computer literacy skills and typing.
  • Excellent and informed decision making power.: PC Training allows, one can to produce meaningful information which can be used for future decision making. No have knowledge of PCs will disadvantage the organization as it won’t be able to make as rapid decisions. Data can easily be presented in multiple formats. Ideal programs to perform such analysis include excel.
  • Business planning document: PC Training will provide you with the tools to manipulate and change large volumes of data. Such process would take hours with computers. Ideal programs to perform such analysis include excel , PowerPoint, word.
  • Communication.  Electronic mail and web cameras are key forms of communication in the modern world. One would be lost in the modern business world if you can use email.
  • Computers save time as they allow for data to be rapidly imported and manipulated.
  • Stop doing repetitive tasks:  A mail merge program for example allows you to rapidly repeat 500 addresses on all letters. For more detail look at the word course.

Higher productivity, self-learner culture, problem self-diagnosis are some of the other benefits of PC Training.

PC Training provides many advantages for individual and companies.


PC Training

PC Training


Some of the courses offered by BOTI include:


For a full list of courses see our soft skills and computer courses.


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