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Encubator/HomeGrown   Namibian Ministry Of Work &Transport   Yukon International

Benefit in the same way as our clients have…

I learned the skills on how t handle different negotiation situations..... The interactive style of the course...... I'm happy with everything..... Look at objectives more......

Tenova, M Malaza.

New skills in the negotiation situations and communication techniques..... The training delivery- different and involving.... Happy with the process.....  Negotiation process for better preparations for the situations.....
Tenova, T Maboa.

Taught me some basic negotiating skills..... Group discussion....... Satisfied.... Look from my side as well as from other party's perspective.....

Tenova, A Botha.

Better understanding of negotiation tactics..... Active scenario..... Supply over 2 days..... Sales tech of 1-10. Yes/No...

Tenova, K Richardson.

Put structure to negotiation session..... Day's agenda and objectives.... SWOT analysis.....

Tenova, E Le Roux

Improved knowledge as to what negotiating skills to apply in which situation..... Task/ practical implementation of theory.... More industry related topic for practical implementation.... Identifying appropriate negotiation skills in different situations.....

Tenova, W Lamprecht.

Learned different styles. Improved my skills.....  Interactive.... Planing better, follow the process....

Tenova, L Cpmbrinck.

Learnt new skills/ better understanding of the negotiation process..... The interactive discussions made the learning process more enjoyable..... Maybe over 2 days- more time spent on certain sections..... New negotiation view point......

Tenova, S Hussain.

Acquiring new skills- recognizing tactics evaluating and comparing with skills..... Systematic progress through course with enough time to understand & take notes..... We did not use manual and we had to make notes- maybe notes can be handed out..... Recognizing tactics being used on me. Using or applying newly acquired tactics on client......

Tenova, J Barkley.

Learned to re-focus on the differences embrace them and use them to their advantages.....  Timing....  Structured well guided/ usable/ everyday work book..... Applying tactics in our proposals....

Tenova, H van Loggerenberg.

Learnt about the different negotiation factors & how to counter them..... More results, the 2 hr sittings are too long... The purchase level between 1-10 and obtaining client objectives....

Tenova, M Thoresson.

Learnt the different ways of approaching a negotiation..... The tactic descriptions..... Examples of actual negotiations and how they were won or lost..... Approach in a negotiation....

Tenova, B Bhaga.

Learned a few new tactics & the process of negotiating succesfully..... The tactics section.... More tactics & situations..... Preparing for negotiations......

Tenova,  W Balt.

Negotiate daily, relive skills & identify tactics...... Tactics& response/ method of dealing with tactics.... Viewpoint understanding....

Tenova, M Visage.

I will be a lot more prepared when negotiating..... The case study showed just how much we don’t think about.... Research more on the client SWOT.....

Tenova, D Redfearn.

New knowledge on how to approach negotiation..... Interaction way of doing.... Less writing, maybe the manual can be revised to accommodate this.... Negotiation styles and tactics....

Tenova, G Hill.

Negotiation Skills Training Course