WordPress Administration Course

WordPress Administration Course

Whether you have your own site, you are a writer, or you are an administrator, you have likely heard of WordPress. Though most are familiar with what it is, not everyone knows what they can really do with the sight.

Purpose of the course: The WordPress Administration training course is meant to cater to site administrators and it teaches you the areas of WordPress like backups, maintenance, Ftp usage, and how to work with permissions.

What is the use of WordPress Administration Course? If you think the WordPress Administration Course means spending your money on something that you ‘already know how to use,’ think again. If you are a regular user of WordPress, the WordPress Administration training course is a great opportunity to learn the small and important details of what you can do with the site. This could be beneficial for just about anyone, but it’s most beneficial if you work as an administrator for one or more sites.

Solution: The WordPress Administration training course has a duration of one day, so it is not overly time consuming for you. If you are interested in what the day would involve, I encourage you to look at the detailed outline below.

  • How to install WordPress when it is used with a Local Machine
    • Installing and starting up Xampp/Wamp, Mysql, and Apache
  • Creation of a Database and a User
    • Working with the creation of both as well as working with setting privileges
  • The normal installation of WordPress
    • The download and install process
    • Setting up an account
  • How to login into your new site
  • Learning about the Dashboard and its tools
    • Themes, Settings, Categories, Media
  • How to protect your content by backing it up and/or restoring it
  • The creation of different users and the roles they will have
    • e. Editor, Author, Contributor
  • How to set up a Maintenance page on your site
  • SEO Plugins
    • e. site titles, descriptions, using keywords
  • Site Security
  • How to connect this site with your various social media sites
    • e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

What do you need to know? If you think the WordPress Administration training course is something you want to invest in, be sure that you have a solid grasp of computer literacy.

So, regardless of your area of work, if you regularly use WordPress, believe you would benefit from its use, or even just want to start a blog, I highly recommend utilizing the information from this course. I would definitely recommend the WordPress Administration training course for anyone who wants to fully utilize this already incredible site for their personal or business lives.

WordPress Administration Course

WordPress Administration Course

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