BOTi Courses Overview – Business Ethics Training

Course Introduction

Business ethics training impacts  all levels of business. It will impact all who interact with the business including customers, staff members, suppliers, competitors, etc. All of these groups will have an influence on the way business ethics are developed. It’s a 2-way street; the impact goes both ways which makes an understanding of business ethics an extremely essential element of doing business today. Ethics is extremely essential, as news can now spread faster as well as further than ever before.

Prior learning requirements


Course Outline

Key outcomes of this course  include:

Component 1: Starting Out
• Activities to break the ice
• The Parking Area
• Program Objectives
• Housekeeping matters and administration

Component 2: Exactly what is Ethics?
• Exactly what is Business Ethics?
• Training Example
• 10 Benefits of Controlling Ethics

Component 3: Implementing Ethics in the Workplace
• Benefits
• Roles as well as Responsibilities
• Guidelines for Controlling Ethics in the Workplace

Component 4: Employer / worker Rights
• Privacy Policies
• Technology
• Harassment Issues

Component 5: Business as well as Social Responsibilities
• Identifying Kinds of Responsibilities
• Training Example
• Handling Conflicting Social as well as Business Responsibilities

Component 6: Ethical Decisions
• Balancing Personal as well as Organizational Ethics
• Common Dilemmas
• Overcoming Hurdles
• The Basics
• Making Ethical Decisions

Component 7: Whistle Blowing
• Criteria as well as Risk
• When You Should “Blow the Whistle”
• The Process

Component 8: Managerial Ethics
• Ensuring Ethical Behavior
• Identifying the Characteristics
• Ethical Management

Component 9: Unethical Behavior
• understand as well as Identify
• Addressing
• Interventions
• Preventing

Component 10: Ethics in Business (I)
• Business Basics
• Ethical Principles
• Addressing the Needs

Component 11: Ethics in Business (II)
• Ethical Safeguards
• Performing an Internal Ethics Audit
• Developing a Code of Ethics
• Upholding the Ethics Program

Component 12: Concluding
• Wise Men’s words
• Key Learnings
• Assessment of Parking Area
• Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans

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