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Administrative Office Procedures Course

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Quick Look Course Summery: Administrative Office Procedures Course
  • Next Public Course Date: 03/07/2019

  • Length:1 day

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  • Certification Type: Certificate of Attendence

  • Locations & Venues: Call Centre Training Courses are held in JHB, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth

Administrative Office Procedures Course: Introduction

The correct office procedures are essential to every business. Receptionists and Personal Assistants need to know proper Administrative Procedures. At the end of the workshop, participants will know the proper procedure for electronic files and paper files. They will know voicemail etiquette and how to organise their environment to increase productivity and improve time management. At the end of the workshop participants will receive a certificate of attendance. All materials for the workshop will be provided by the Business Optimisation Training Institute.

Administrative Office Procedures Course :Course Outline

If you believe in a place for everything and everything in its place – we have the course for you. Office administration may not sound glamorous but administrative skills are essential to the success of any business. At the end of the workshop participants will understand and be able to implement the organization of a binder, they will be able to develop administrative procedures and prepare checklists. The workshop begins with an explanation of why we need office guides and their importance in business continuity. The workshop also covers succession planning. Choosing the right tools in office administration is imperative and we take our participants step by step through choosing the right tools for their administrative experience. We take an in-depth look at binders, section dividers and sheet protectors. During this workshop participants will also learn to identify office procedures that are business standards. We at will teach the participants of the workshop how to track tasks through administrative procedures and how to track tasks using a spreadsheet. We will help our participants to identify the top five procedures they should record in their own administrative offices since we tailor each course and each workshop to be relevant to the group attending it. We will help each participant decide what to include in their binder as well as some business standards such as telephone etiquette and business writing and we give our work-shoppers handy tools and skills to facilitate procedures. Part of the workshop also deals with recording absences and salaries as administrative procedures. In this workshop we spend an entire module on the organisation and table of contents of binders, skills which are indispensable in the business world. TIP: A popular option is to use numbered tabs which correspond with the numbers in the table of contents. Now that we know what to put in a binder, we teach our participants what not to put in a binder, under any circumstances. We discuss passwords and other confidential employee information that must be kept by other means. We round off the workshop by sharing the guide and inviting feedback from co-employees on procedures. The procedure guide is an essential tool used by office personnel. It should be placed in an area which is visible to all the employees who use it and it should be updated regularly. Finally the guide should be executed with the same diligence used to create it. The guide must evolve with the company and that takes training, consistency and communication. We round off our workshop by teaching our participants how to go back to their own jobs and train their fellow employees in the implementation and use of the guide. During the workshop participants receive an action plan to fill in and update as their own guides take shape. 1. Introduction Workshop Objectives Related topics 2. The importance of administrative procedures Business continuity Succession planning Internal and external audit requirements Recovery planning Case study 3. The right tools Binder Section divider Sheet protectors Cover to cover binders Case study 4. Identifying procedures to include Tracking tasks for some days Feedback and ideas Write down daily tasks Keep track Using a spreadsheet Case study 5. Top Five procedures to record Use a template to remain consistent Be as detailed as possible Bullet points instead of paragraphs Execute the procedure Case study 6. Inside the binder (1) Phone etiquette Business writing Effective time management Creating meeting arrangements Case study 7. Inside the binder (2) Policy on absenteeism Breaks Salaries Benefits Case study 8. Organising your binder Create a table of contents List each section List procedures in that section Keep binder updated Case study 9. What not to include in the procedure guide Passwords Other confidential information Store information in a separate folder Find a secure location to store Case Study 10. Share office procedure guide Give guide to executive to review Inform office personnel of procedure guide Place guide in a visible area Allow personnel to improve and update guide Case study 11. Successfully executing the guide Create a one hour seminar/ meeting for employees Stay consistent with procedures Make employees aware of updates Be open to improvements Case study 12. Topics not discussed Related topics Lessons learned Workshop overview Complete action plans and evaluations

Administrative Office Procedures Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Administrative Office Procedures Course

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