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Quick Look Course Summary:Beyond Advanced Excel 2010 Training Course Course
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  • Length: 1 day(s)

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Beyond Advanced Excel 2010 Training Course Course: Introduction

This course is intended for advanced Excel users who wish to have an expert knowledge of Excel and it’s various advanced features and functions. This course has two follow on courses, Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Excel macros with VBA.

Beyond Advanced Excel 2010 Training Course Course :Course Outline

1. Manipulating Data Using Statistical and Lookup Functions.

Forecast GDP Using Statistical Functions
Evaluate Sales Data Using Statistical Functions
Analyze Stock Data Using Statistical Functions
Mine Data Using the Lookup and Reference Functions

2. Analysing Data Using Data Analysis Tools

Analyse Sales Data Using Descriptive Statistics
Analyse Time Series Data Using Exponential Smoothing
Analyse Data Using Regression
Identify the Beta Value of a Security
Analyze Sector Data Using Correlation and Covariance Matrices
Optimize a Stock Portfolio Using Solver

3. Working with Data Using Financial Functions

Develop an Investment Schedule Using Financial Functions
Make Investment Decisions Using Financial Functions

4. Examining Data Using Math Functions

Analyse Sales Data Using Math Functions
Calculate Stock Returns Using Math Functions
Aggregate GDP Data Using Math Functions

5. Manipulating Data Using Text and Information Functions

Manipulate Data Using Text Functions
Validate Data Using Information Functions

6. Working with Templates and Charts

Create Advanced Templates
Create Advanced Charts

7. Managing Data in Workbooks

Retrieve and Paste Data
Clean Data in Workbooks

Beyond Advanced Excel 2010 Training Course Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Beyond Advanced Excel 2010 Training Course Course

This course is intended for advanced users of Microsoft Excel.

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