Events Management & Planning Beginners Course



Events Management & Planning Beginners Course: Introduction

Need to plan large or small events, either as an individual or as an employee? We have just the course for you. No prior knowledge of event management is necessary. So whether you’re selling Tupperware or organising a corporate fundraiser, our events management course will give you the tools to make your event a success.

Events Management & Planning Beginners Course :Course Outline

1. Developing a Plan for the Event
Applying the principles of Project Management
Needs Analysis
Appointing the Team Leader
Forming a Committee

2. Tasks and Assignments
Defining major tasks
Using forms for control and maintenance
Arranging documents
Matching tasks with people
Understanding personality styles

3. Vendors and Sponsors
Negotiating with vendors
Negotiation language
Developing Negotiation Skills
Arriving at a compromise
Documentation for agreements
Soliciting sponsors
The benefits of sponsorship
Developing sponsorship prospects

4. Marketing the event
Attract attention with marketing
Designing a logo
Defining the target audience
Setting up a web site
Media coverage
Building media relationships
Writing a press release

5. Dealing with the Unexpected
Preventing problems from occurring
Situational Priorities
Recovering from the unexpected
Addressing additional considerations

6. Reviewing the event
Debriefing promptly
Giving effective feedback
Compiling even evaluations
Documenting results
Showing appreciation

Events Management & Planning Beginners Course: Course Duration

2 day/s

Who should attend: Events Management & Planning Beginners Course

This course is intended for novices in event planning.

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