Project Management Advanced Course



Project Management Advanced Course: Introduction

After participants have completed Project Management Fundamentals and The Project Management Intermediate course, they are welcome to attend the Project Management Advanced course. In this comprehensive course we include procurement planning, planning and selection, contract administration, project integration, plan development and closing out.

Project Management Advanced Course :Course Outline

1. Procurement Planning
Contract Basics
Procurement planning

2. Planning, Soliciting, and Selecting
Solicitation planning

3. Contract Administration and Closeout
Contract administration
Basics of contract administration

4. Project Integration and Plan Development
Project planning

5. Implementing Plans and Controlling Change
Implementing the plan
Monitoring change

6. The Project Management Process
The process
Initiation and planning

7. Execution, Control, and Project Closeout
Project execution
Controlling a project
Closing a project

Project Management Advanced Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Project Management Advanced Course

This course is intended for advanced or experienced project managers.

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