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BOTi Essential Course - Reception And Telephone Etiquette Training

There is a right way and a wrong way to speak to a customer. Let us show your teams how to get it right, every time.

The BOTi Call Centre Training Course will give all participants the skills, poise and confidence they need to become excellent service representatives or personal assistants. Increasing customer loyalty through efficiency and empathy which will enhance your customer's journey.

Quick Look Course Summery: BOTi Essential Course - Reception And Telephone Etiquette Training
  • Next Public Course Date: 06/09/2019

  • Length:1 day

  • Price: 1 Person R ex vat3 Person R 0 ex vat10 Person R 0 ex vat

  • Certification Type: Certificate of Attendence

  • Locations & Venues: Call Centre Training Courses are held in JHB, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth

Reception and telephone etiquette Training: Course Outline

In this course we teach trainees to develop exceptional skills related to working with and talking to others. This workshop will help participants define and understand call centre strategies, we will teach trainees to identify the different types of buying motivation and we will link this course back to our soft skills course by teaching the SMART method to create and attain goals. Effective communication and telephone etiquette are the cornerstones we will build upon.


1. Telephone skills and Etiquette

Introduction to Telephone Communication

The Importance of Answering Calls in a Professional Manner

Company Image

Different Communication Styles

Elements of speech – Pronunciation

2. Customer Focus

A Polite and Friendly Image

Needs and Benefits of Customer Service

Cultivating a Service Attitude

Assisting Customers with Requests

Handling difficult callers

3. Communicating on the telephone

Build Customer Loyalty

Communicating successfully with the caller

Telephone Time Management

4. Technology


Telephone aids

Telephone toolkit

5. Telephone Aids





6. Telephone Etiquette

Good Telephone Manners

Transferring and holding calls correctly

Do’s and Taboos

7. Dealing with Difficult Callers


How to handle difficult callers successfully

Basic Errors

Constructive feedback

8. Incoming and Outgoing Telephone Calls

Effective questioning

Establishing the caller’s needs

Listening skills and rapport building

Create a positive impression of your company

9. Taking Messages

Be Accurate and Effective

Being responsible and accountable

10. Practical Skills Application

Action plan to apply learned skills

DAY 2:

1. Business Etiquette and Protocol



Protocol guidelines

Protocol in the business sector

2. Business Introductions

Name Tags

Titles and Seniority

3. Ethics

Do’s and Don’ts


Holy and National Days

Business Cards

Level of Communication

Personal Circumstances

4. Protocol in the Business Sector


General Guidelines

Company Protocol


Being an Ambassador


Confidence and Body Language

Be Informed

5. Forms of address


6. Professional Image

Time Concept

Attitude and Emotions

Dress Code


7. Guidelines for Business Dress Codes

Classic Styles and Colours

Hairstyle, Make-up and Accessories

Dress codes for different occasions

8. Meeting Protocol







9. Cultural Contexting and Interactions

High Context and Low Context

Cultural Commonalities

Gender Roles

Non-verbal Communication

Visual Aids


10. Cultural Guidelines – Gifts

Exchange of Gifts

Gift Policy Guidelines

Presentation of Gifts

11. Conversation


Topics for Conversation

Sensitive Topics

Cultural Diversity and Respect

Ethnic Jokes


Listening skills

7 Ways to be a Good Conversationalist

Do’s and Taboos

BOTI offers: Telephone Skills Training, Phone Etiquette Training and Etiquette Training.

Reception and telephone etiquette Training: Course Duration

1 day/s

Reception and telephone etiquette Training Course: Who should attend

This course is intended for receptionists and employees who work with callers on the phone.

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BOTI offers: Telephone Skills Training, Phone Etiquette Training and Etiquette Training.

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BOTI offers: Telephone Skills Training, Phone Etiquette Training and Etiquette Training.

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