Start Your Own Business, Become an Entrepreneur Course



Start Your Own Business, Become an Entrepreneur Course: Introduction

For many people, being an entrepreneur is a dream. Any many will try, and few will succeed. You know why? Because they don’t treat their entrepreneurship like a job. Have great idea, doesn’t translate to rends in their pocket because of a few helpful hints, that would have meant success if they knew them. Firstly – identify your personal strengths. Its not hard – what makes you a great employee now? Those are your personal strengths. For example, if punctuality is important to you now – be sure to arrive ready for work in your home office at the time you appoint yourself. The great idea will go nowhere fast if you do not turn it into a successful business concept. As an example, there once was a man who thought it would be a great idea to make tear able fruit and vegetable plastic packets for supermarkets. Just put them on a roll and tear them off as you need them. Great idea, but it would have come to nothing had he not peddled his concept to large supermarkets. Today that man lies in the sun all day long on his own island. True story. In our entrepreneurs course we will teach participants the value of identifying personal strengths, becoming an effective problem solver, processing an idea into a business concept and writing a business plan.

Start Your Own Business, Become an Entrepreneur Course :Course Outline

1. Identifying Personal Strengths
Defining an Entrepreneur
Positive Attitude
Strong leadership Skills
Successful Leadership
Task-Oriented leadership
Person-Oriented leadership
Effective Decision making
Problem Solvers
Result-Oriented Leadership

2. Turning Ideas into Successful Business Concepts
Processing the Idea
Engaging business consultants
Using services offered by Government Agencies/Departments

3. Writing a Business Plan
Strategic management and developing a business plan
Competitive Advantages
Writing the business plan
The Marketing Plan
The Operations Plan
The Financial Plan

Start Your Own Business, Become an Entrepreneur Course: Course Duration

2 day/s

Who should attend: Start Your Own Business, Become an Entrepreneur Course

This course is for anyone who wants to start their own business.

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