Web Design_HTML & CSS Beginners Course



Web Design_HTML & CSS Beginners Course: Introduction

We offer a beginner’s course in web design with CSS, the course is intended for beginners who wish to create their own websites and maintain them as well as experienced programmers who wish to eventually write the Microsoft Exam.

Web Design_HTML & CSS Beginners Course :Course Outline

1. Creating a Basic Web page
Basic Concepts of the Web
The Basic Web Page
Formatting a Web Page
Creating Lists

2. Structuring the Content
Creating Headers and Footers
Categorising Text

3. Applying Styles Using CSS
Enhancing Text
Formatting Lists
Customising the Page Background
Applying Background Properties to Images

4. Tables
Creating Tables
Modifying the Structure of a Table
Formatting a Table using CSS

5. Navigating a Web Site
Creating Links
Creating Images and E-Mail links
Formatting Links Using CSS

Web Design_HTML & CSS Beginners Course: Course Duration

1 day/s

Who should attend: Web Design_HTML & CSS Beginners Course

This course is intended for novices in Web design.

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