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The Introduction to Technical Drawing course is designed to give you a basic grounding in technical drawing.

Technical Drawing is similar to driving a vehicle. Essentially, it involves more of understanding of its principles rather than a natural ability.  It requires practise.   Nevertheless, there are those who drive well and those who do it badly! Technical Drawing is simple to do well. You simply need to understand how and to continue practising. This course is a comprehensive introduction to the ‘how’ of technical drawing.

Course Outline

Key outcomes of the Introduction to Technical Drawings course include:

  • Using projects and the Cartesian quadrant.
  • Scale, preparation and laying-out an illustration;
  • Using Elevations and Plans.
  • Using measurement, Scales and Annotations.
  • Introduction to perspectives and Isometric drawings
  • Creating Detailed drawings

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Who should attend

This course  is suitable for those individuals who wish to be trained in respect of the basics of technical drawing.

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