PostgreSQL training course

The PostgreSQL training course

The PostgreSQL training course is a course led by an instructor and it will help you better understand the open source relational database system. It will enable you to get the information you wanted about how you can use the platform, what benefits it can offer and the kind of results you can obtain from it! If you want to learn how to maintain and use the PostgreSQL servers then you do need to take this course as it will offer a great insight into all of that and so much more.


The PostgreSQL training course was created in order to offer high standard information for people that want to learn about or improve their PostgreSQL knowledge. With help from this amazing product you will be able to obtain a great insight into the things to come and results will be well worth it because of that. The audience for this course is made out of database administrators, IT support staff and developers. Everyone that needs to learn about PostgreSQL and is capabilities is targeted here and even if you have minor knowledge about this management system you should check it out!

The course starts with an introduction to PostgreSQL, since it tells you how to install and use the platform, which are its fundamentals and how you can use the terminal based client. Once you have that knowledge, the PostgreSQL training course will go into language specifics. You will learn how you create and access a database and a table, how you can populate or query the table, how you can aggregate functions and other important features.

Once you have that knowledge, the training course will move onward to advanced SQL knowledge like window functions, inheritance, foreign keys, transactions and many others. With the PostgreSQL training course you will also be able to learn about indexes and how you can harness their power, not to mention that the course is also focused on transaction isolation and concurrency, server operation and setup as well as server configuration. You will also get to learn more about security, resource consumption, error reporting and logging, vacuum, backup and restore as well as database monitoring.


In order to access the PostgreSQL training course you will need to have some previous knowledge. You will need to take the SQL course or at least have any similar knowledge. This will allow you to better understand the tasks and figure out the best approach in this regard.

The PostgreSQL training course  will last for 2 days. It’s the best course for IT support staff and database admins or devs that want to harness the power of PostgreSQL without having to deal with any limitations. If you always wanted to boost your knowledge in your field of work, learning about this great database management system is an amazing way to do so. Keep that in mind and access the PostgreSQL training course right away to take your career to new heights!


PostgreSQL training course

PostgreSQL training course

The course can be held in Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa

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