Workplace Harassment Training Course

Introduction: Workplace Harassment Training Course

Harassment can be based on a variety of factors such as race, sex, as well as disability. Experiencing an uncomfortable scenario in the workplace may be much more than an unpleasant event; it may be against the law. This particular alone is Exactly What makes This particular topic extremely essential for every business.

Our Workplace Harassment program will supply delegates the tools to understand harassment when it occurs. It will assist them to understand their particular rights as well as responsibilities, as well as create a safe environment for all. By Utilizing This particular program your delegates will understand that it is necessary for everyone to understand harassment as well as exercise anti-harassment policies.

 Workplace Harassment Training Course

Workplace Harassment Training Course


Recommended Prior Experience and Knowledge: Workplace Harassment Training Course

This course will assist delegates in understanding: Workplace Harassment

For the Workplace Harassment Training Course it is advisable that you have the following experience/knowledge:
None, course conducted in English


Outline: Workplace Harassment Training Course

Johannesburg (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria – South Africa

Key outcomes of the course include:
BOTI’s Program Outline

Component 1: Starting Out
• Activities to break the ice
• Housekeeping matters and administration
• The Parking Area
• program Objectives

Component 2: The Background
• The Law
• Identifying Harassment
• Anti-Harassment Policies

Component 3: Developing an Anti-Harassment Policy
• An Anti-Harassment Policy: Exactly What Should Be Covered
• How Model Policies Work
• Steps to a Healthy Work Place
• Educating staff members

Component 4: Policies in the Workplace
• Anti-Harassment Policy Statements
• worker Rights as well as Responsibilities
• Employer’s Rights as well as Responsibilities

Component 5: Proper Procedures in the Workplace
• If You are Being Harassed
• If You are Accused of Harassing
• The Investigation
• Remedies

Component 6: False Allegations
• How to Address the scenario
• Confidentiality
• Monitoring the scenario
• Retaliation
• Appeals

Component 7: Other Options
• Union Grievance Procedures
• Mediation: Getting Help from Outside business

Component 8: Sexual Harassment
• Defining Sexual Harassment
• Elements of Harassment
• Common Scenarios

Component 9: Mediation
• Exactly What is Mediation
• Deciding if it is Right
• How to Implement

Component 10: Conflict Resolution
• How to Resolve the scenario
• observing Both Sides
• Deciding the Consequence

Component 11: The Aftermath
• How to Move On
• Monitoring the scenario
• Learning from Mistakes

Component 12: Concluding
• Wise Men’s words
• Assessment of Parking Area
• Key Learnings
• Evaluations as well as Completion Of activity Plans



Course duration and fees: Workplace Harassment Training Course

Our one day training course is designed so that the knowledge acquired is applied practically, so that the business environment can be enhanced.

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