South African labour law

Understand South African labour law

 Gone are the days where you have to be in the dark when it comes to the crucial field of labour law thanks to . Labour law controls and assuages the severities and complexities in the inevitable relationship of workers (employees), the unions, employers and the government.

Labour laws set out to ensure there isn’t an exploitative relationship between the employer and the employee. Therefore, labour law sets out to ensure a couple of things: It ensures that the classification of your type of employment, an “independent contractor” for instance, is correct due to the fact that misclassifying you could result in the company spending less money due to having less restrictions on how they should treat you.

Another role of it is to ensure the protection of children in the workplace. Due to the vulnerable and fragile nature of minors who are working and their vulnerability being able to be used against them to enforce very strenuous, unreasonable work-hours with low pay on them, a very strict aspect of child protection is involved in the labour laws of South Africa as well as the rest of the developed countries.

Fair wages are also an important feature of labour laws. Labour laws ensure that people are paid what they deserve to be paid for the amount of work they put in. This is important as major companies will often try to underpay their employers in order to maximise profits.

The physical protection of employees is also a part of labour laws. This section deals with the physical safety and health of employees. Due to certain industries being rather dangerous to work in without precautions, a factory for example, the labour laws of our country ensure that these necessary precautions are taken and that companies keep their employees safe.

Labour laws also ensure that people will have reasonable hours. Due to the major health risk people could be exposed to if they work too many hours at once, South African labour laws ensure that there is a maximum of hours allowed to be worked by employees for their own safety.

The final aspect of labour laws is one that prevents discrimination. Within a South African context discrimination is very much an existing force and labour laws aim to stop this discrimination of taking place in the workplace.

Labour laws are essential in one’s understanding of the anatomy of the relationship between worker and employer; do yourself a favour and learn about it!

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 South African labour law

South African labour law


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