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First in South Africa: One Click Booking & Instant Training Quote: Type Below:

BOTI has developed a unique online booking system whereby our Algorithm allows you to instantly search through our database of close to 400 courses for your desired course.

You can then either book instantly for any day (7 days notice…even weekends) or obtain a customized Instant Training Quoting in your company’s name tailored to your specific requirement.

Instant Training Quote

Top 25 most popular Course (Amongst out close to 400 courses)

Perhaps, you feeling overwhelmed by the choice and don’t know where to start? – Please look below at our 25 most popular courses:

Business Optimization Improvement (Office & Finance)

In line with our name, click on one of our popular Business Optimization Training Institute’s offerings to obtain an Instant Training Quote:


Customer Service Improvement

Yes, Click on any course below to Book instantly or Obtain Instant Training Quote:

Computer Skills

Not convinced? Click on any course below to Book instantly or Obtain Instant Training Quote:

Diversity, BBBEE & Corporate Governance

At the risk of repeating ourselves:  Obtain An Instant Training Quote:


… OR Alternatively Search Throughout our Database of close to 400 courses (which can be scheduled: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace)

The best part about our system is that you can Book Immediately or Obtain an INSTANT customized Quote – We have simplified the booking process to make it easy and give you the widest selection of training.

Our Algorithms have the “inbuilt assumption” that the bigger your Group, the less you pay per individual.